East Kentucky Technical Assistance Providers

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The East Kentucky Technical Assistance Providers (EKyTAP) network supports entrepreneurs and small businesses by helping them locate the right resources within the network’s member organizations.  The EKyTAP network provides a comprehensive suite of entrepreneurial assistance consulting and educational assistance for every stage of the business development life cycle with the goal of greater utilization of entrepreneurial support services for entrepreneurs throughout Eastern Kentucky.

Members of EKyTAP offer free direct business technical assistance. To see the current list of EKyTAP Members go to www.KyBizInfo.com.

By working with members of the EKyTAP network, businesses can be assured of the following:

  • You come first – We do what is in the best interest of our clients first and foremost.
  • Services provided to you will be coordinated with other EKyTAP members -- With your permission, we will connect you with other EKyTAP Members who may have more industry expertise or management experience.
  • You receive critical followup – We want to know what worked and what did not work, so that you receive the support your business needs.

Current EKyTAP Members