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Paintsville, Kentucky 41240

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Organization Name MACED - Big Sandy Office
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Position Project Specialist
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Phone Number 606-264-5910
Additional Phone Number 606-356-3101
224 Main Street
Paintsville, KY 41240
United States
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About MACED - Big Sandy Office

The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) partners with local people to build upon the strengths of Kentucky and Central Appalachia. We create economic alternatives and strive to make Appalachian communities better places to live.

Since 1976, MACED’s commitment to the communities of Central Appalachia has shown us that high expectations, vision and hard work are essential to accomplish results. Three core strategies help us work toward our goal of transforming the lives of people and places in need in Central Appalachia through sustainable development.

• Community Investment — Investing capital and capacity-building technical assistance in people and enterprises to create economic opportunities, protect natural and cultural assets and provide critical services.

• Demonstration Initiatives — Developing new approaches to old problems and testing them out on the ground.

• Research and Communications for Policy Change — Conducting research around policy opportunities and barriers that results in better development practice and opportunities for people who need them.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the foundation of our economy. They need financial support, training and encouragement to follow their dreams. MACED provides these critical resources to turn those dreams into reality.

MACED helps businesses and nonprofit enterprises that are committed to building sustainable and vibrant local economies in Central Appalachia. We are looking for viable enterprises that may have trouble finding bank financing, but are contributing to the employment and economic vitality of the region.